143 Million Minus One

“…you have been the helper of the fatherless.”

Psalm 10:14

This song makes me want to dance, even though I don’t know how.

Across the world, an estimated 143 million children face each and every day without the love or presence of their mommies or daddies. 143 million orphans–It seems an overwhelming number. As individuals, we stagger at the thought of making a difference in the lives of so many, but as Matthew West so beautifully reminds us in his song, “One Less,” we may not be able to reach every child, but we can reach one.

One day in the future, Lord willing, I’m going to dance to this song with my own little ones brought home from halfway around the world. They won’t care that I can’t dance.  =)

Here’s the story behind the song… 

How do you feel about adoption? Do you have an adoption story to share?

The Story of Your Life is available on iTunes for $9.99.

One Less

There’s a child
Been abandoned out on the street
Now she’s waiting for someone to be her miracle
There’s a wife
Somewhere halfway around the world
Begging God for a little girl she can call her own
Well, worlds collide, and colors fade
And a man and wife brought their little girl home today

And there’s one less
One less
One less broken heart in the world tonight
Yeah, there’s one less
One less
There’s one less broken heart in the world tonight

We are called
To the widows and the orphans
But it’s easy to ignore their silent cries
Oh, but every single time
Somebody reaches into the darkness
Makes a choice to help the helpless
They let mercy save a life

Well the truth is we are all the orphans
But love has left the ninety-nine
Just to find the one
One less night alone
One less child without a home
One less birthday gone forgotten
One more soul rising from the bottom

One less
One less
There’s one less broken heart in the world tonight

Written by Matthew West
Photo: Joseph Hoban

3 thoughts on “143 Million Minus One

  1. … and in our case, four less! For over 10 years my husband and I have planned to adopt and we are now in the process of fost-adopting four great kids through our state:) I’m getting my thoughts down on our blog, but I’m still tweaking it to transfer my simpler “mommy blog” into a “join me on our journey” blog:) Eventually…!

    Regardless of adopting from the state or across the globe, awareness is everything! One less is everything!

    Thanks for the inspiring post! I will pass your post along:)


  2. I was listening to this song in the car today and thinking of writing you a note telling you how I couldn’t wait ’til its you and Joseph singing this song some day!! Love it! Love you!!

  3. Renee, that is truly wonderful! Thank you for sharing a little bit of your story. May God richly bless you and your husband as you dive into this new phase of life and ministry. Thanks for reading & passing the post along! =)

    Thanks, Niki, love you too!

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