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Can I just say, if you want to do it God’s way, you want to be counter-cultural, be an encourager of men. Respect men. Lift them up. Pray for them. Do not ever enter into this man-bashing stuff that is so popular today. It’s SO wrong, and all these jokes we make that are putting men down, don’t do it.

I’ll just tell you, if you will be womanly, you’ll be a godly woman, and by that I don’t mean weak. I mean a godly woman is a strong woman from the inside out, but she’s strong in God’s strength. If you’ll be a womanly woman and you’ll treat men like men, men will treat you like a queen. They will.

As women, we set the bar. We set the bar for the culture. Societies do not survive long once their women lose their womanly virtues. It’s true. You say, “Men are crude. Men are crass.” Listen, we’re supposed to set the standard. We’re supposed to raise the standard.

~Nancy Leigh DeMoss on Revive Our Hearts

Photo: OBMonkey

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