“God is My God; Covenant is My Life!”

“So guard yourselves in your spirit, and let none of you be faithless to the wife of your youth.”

Malachi 2:15b

Sometimes when I sit down to write, the thoughts and ideas flow readily from my noggin. Today was not one of those occasions. After trying unsuccessfully to hammer out the sequel to yesterday’s post for one late night hour too many, I decided to call it quits until tomorrow. Although I don’t like being a quitter, I concluded ’twas better for me to take a break than to publish incoherent thoughts I’d regret in the light of day. The topic of the sanctity of marriage is far too important for me to mishandle, so I hope you’ll pardon the delay.

In lieu of posting a new article, I thought I’d pass on this powerful sermon excerpt from John Piper on the covenantal nature of marriage.  What a difference it would make if we as Christian women committed to uphold this truth, “Staying married is not about staying in love; it’s about covenant keeping.”  

Photo: kuger13

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