Finding Truth & Beauty in Children’s Books

Once upon a time, I was an art student. After earning one degree in art, for some reason, I went on and earned another degree in art. In spite of all those years of schooling, it seems the only existing evidence of my former life is that I still view the world from an artist’s perspective, even if I can’t rightfully call myself an artist anymore. I love discovering examples of artistic excellence, especially in the realm of children’s literature. Although my husband and I don’t have any children yet, I do have a special place reserved on one of our bookshelves for a growing collection of beautifully illustrated children’s books that our tots can one day enjoy. There’s a lot of ugly out there in children’s books, and in my opinion, it’s never too early to begin training the eye of a future artist.😉

Two of the keepers already occupying a spot on my bookshelf are The Lightlings and The Prince’s Poison Cup, written by pastor and theologian Dr. R.C. Sproul. In each of these books, Sproul combines rich theology and imaginative allegorical storytelling to teach the vital doctrines of Christ’s redemption and atonement in an understandable and captivating manner. What I love about these books is the fact that the excellence in teaching is equally matched by excellence in artwork. This is indeed a rare combination in the world of Christian literature for children. With beautiful illustrations by the talented Justin Gerard, The Lightlings and The Prince’s Poison Cup are sure to capture the imagination of any child. Check out the promo videos below to get an idea of why I love these books so much. 


Photo: Horton Group


3 thoughts on “Finding Truth & Beauty in Children’s Books

  1. I’ve never heard of either of these! I watched the videos…my kids would love them! I’m going to try to order them. I wonder if Mardel or Family Christian Stores would carry them?

    • Yes, I’m sure your children will love them, Alica. I gave one of them to Niki & Taaron, because they’re big fans of the illustrator. I’m not sure if the books are carried in Christian bookstores or not though; I’ve always ordered them online.

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