A Minute for Mommy

William P. Smith: Haven’t there been times when your child pushed all your buttons, and you said and did things that later bothered your conscience? Why is your conscience uneasy? Weren’t you just correcting your child’s bad behavior? You are … Continue reading

Beauty Supplements

Your daily dose of true beauty advice… When my paralysis finally began to sink in, when I realized it was permanent, I felt like my life had come to a dead end. I had absolutely no strength to fight off that … Continue reading

Believing that Beauty Will Come

“You are good and do good; teach me your statutes.” Psalm 119:68 With the second anniversary of Evangelle’s homecoming approaching later this week, I’ve found myself thinking frequently about how clearly God’s sovereignty and goodness has been displayed in the … Continue reading

Women of the Word

Robert L. Plummer: Whatever portion of the Bible one is studying, it is important to remember that the person and saving work of Jesus Christ is the ultimate focus of God’s revelation. To his contemporaries, Jesus said, “You diligently study … Continue reading

Out Sick

I apologize for the lack of activity here at Precious Adornment this week. I encountered a stomach bug of some kind at the beginning of the week and haven’t yet returned to normal. :(

Lord willing, we’ll be back in business next week!